We reduce electric energy costs
We predict and manage consumption during the most expensive periods of time
Due to what there is a decrease in costs of the electric power
What does the electricity price consist of?
Medium-size and large enterprises (with a maximum capacity of over 670 kW) buy electricity in 3-6 price categories or in the wholesale market.

In this case, the company pays for 3 components: electrical energy, electrical power and transmission service.

The price of electricity is not steady, and it differs significantly during the working day.

Apex offers to reduce the amount of electrical power purchase.
How much does electric power cost?
Now the share of power in the total cost is up to 40%.
Components of electricity price are growing unequally. The share of power in the final price is increasing at a very fast pace. The trading system administrator predicts that the power price reaches 760,000 rubles per 1 MW of power in 2018.

Thus, the change in the volume of purchased power allows obtaining the maximum economic effect with minimal changes of the pattern of electricity consumption.
We propose reducing the amount of electricity consumption at the peak-load time of the region, thereby reducing the amount of electric power that you purchase from an electricity supplier.

What is our strong point?

The main idea of our company is to combine 2 pieces of knowledge about ways of reducing consumption levels and understanding of pricing methods in the electricity market. This combination of knowledge allows you to increase the economic effect of energy saving measures, reduces the required amount of investment and the payback period of events. It becomes possible because we manage not only the volume of consumption, but also the price, which is based on the pattern of electricity consumption.

These actions effectively reduce not only the amount of electricity consumption, but also reduce the purchase price for the rest amount of electricity. Our team has the skills and competencies in both areas: in the implementation of energy-saving equipment and in the organization of a profitable energy supply for enterprises.

We have also added new technologies to this 'mixture' - namely, work with big data and neural networks. We believe that it is this combination of knowledge and competencies that allows us to create long-term and sustainable benefits for customers.
How do we work?
Our neural network has been processing large amounts of data on electricity consumption in all regions of Russia since 2011, as well as on weather conditions, social and economic parameters of the regions and it also predicts peak-load time with accuracy from 65% to 95%.
Industry experts determine what technical processes can be managed in the enterprise and how. Management should not affect productivity and product quality.
Specialists in the field of automated control systems develop control algorithms and implement them in the enterprise, taking into account the existing automation systems. The process of consumption reduction during peak-load time does not depend on a person.
Our products
Products came out of a combination of knowledge about pricing conditions in the retail electricity market in Russia, equipment used in the enterprise and forecasting competencies based on big data
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